“Half hours on earth/ What are they worth/ I don’t know
In 27 years/ I’ve drunk fifty thousand beers/ And they just wash against me/like the sea into a pier…”
David Berman (Silver Jews), from Trains Across the Sea.

Welcome to thekyotokibbitzer.com.  On this site you will experience posts uploaded whenever I write one or whenever I accept a guest post.  In other words, from time to time.  Posts will touch on a wide range of themes; the only common factor will be that all posts will in one sense or another be grounding in locality.  We will, in other words, be “keeping it local.”

The kyotokibbitzer is loosely associated with the nascent Periscope channel @kyotokibbitzer.  Over at Periscope we will be doing a bit of rapping and a bit of mapping, taking our credo of “checking in and checking out people, places, and zones.”  You know what I’m talking about here folks.  Anyway, we are also on the Periscope.

The kibbitzer, classically, seeks neither fame nor fortune and is seen only by those in the audience, if at all.  If you feel like an audience member, drop a line, leave a polite and interesting comment, or even donate a peso or two for our walking shoes.

Here’s Trains Across the Sea for y’all:

Peace out.

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